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B.I. Minds, Inc. has been working with Oracle BI for ten years and offers deep expertise in implementation strategy and services, support, education, and prebuilt software extensions that dramatically accelerate time to value. B.I. Minds, Inc. is 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction and have the references to prove it.

We offer an expert team of consultants who have: experience in both the Siebel and Oracle BI Development groups, combined implementation experience of over 100 customers, and a solid set of references to validate our value.

We are a leading provider of Business Intelligence advisory-consulting services, a focused provider of customization and representation of the most comprehensive end-to-end support in the industry today. Agile, flexible, and customer-centric, our past Oracle development experience and expertise, enables us to work alongside our customers to derive the maximum value from Oracle BI as quickly and as effectively as possible. From implementation support to adoption management, our organization is dedicated to our customers’ success.
Oracle Business Intelligence Platform (OBI EE) Oracle BI Applications

Our Support services provide customers with superior performance, security, reliability and scalability—all with a less up-front financial commitment. Organizations can subscribe to these capabilities through Service Level Agreements (SLAs). A selection of support offerings is available to meet varying customer needs.

  • Training
    B.I. Minds offers a range of training courses covering Oracle BI, EPM and data integration technologies, and applications. The courses are designed to cover varying learning paths, from introductory courses that cover product basics for novice learners, to advanced courses that guide practioners through the nuances of a comprehensive implementation. Our training courses equip you to deliver effective Oracle BI solutions.
  • Careers
    At B.I. Minds, Inc. we value our team members and provide equal opportunity to everyone. We seek long-term relationships and provide both genuine mentorship and peerless leadership values. The work environment and culture at B.I. Minds will make you feel comfortable in all aspects. You will receive genuine comraderie from our company team, a supportive environment for working parents, and a contagious motivational passion for personal kaizen (perpetual improvement) both on technical aptitude and business acumen. We believe in motivating every member of our team to choose a long-term career path with us to ensure our competitive advantage. We will provide all requisite training and support for all new technologies and best practices to ensure our team members serve the needs of our customers implementations.
  • Client Testimonials
    EVP: "This has changed everything that we do today! B.I. Minds has done a great job. We are extremely happy with their services in Oracle BI."
    Key Business Sponsor: "I feel that we already got our ROI and it is unbelievable that we have x$ of Inventory.”

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