The Oracle Business Intelligence Experts

B.I. Minds, Inc. has been working with Oracle Business Intelligence for ten years, offering deep expertise in implementation strategy and services, support, education, and prebuilt software extensions that dramatically accelerate time to value. B.I. Minds, Inc. began with the decision from the outset that openness, honesty, and transparency would be our core values which is conveyed in our 100% dedication to customer satisfaction. We have willing references to prove it.
We offer an expert team of consultants, who have experience in both the Siebel and Oracle BI Development groups, combined implementation experience of over 100 customers, and a solid set of references to validate our value.
B.I. Minds' team of subject matter experts provide: Consulting, Training, Mentoring, and Development Support for your BI projects, regarless of phase in the project life-cycle.
We can help ensure the success of your Oracle Business Intelligence implementations. You can rely on us whether you require expert advice from one of our experienced consultants, training for your internal BI team, or if you'd like us to deliver your entire project from design through delivery and post-delivery maintenance.
We strive to provide competitively priced, high quality Business Intelligence implementation services and solutions that increase business value and tangible savings for all our customers.
VALUES: At B.I. Minds, Inc, we live by a simple but profound set of core values that define who we are :
  • Integrity - integrity in Delivery of Quality Work and Project Deliverables
  • Reliability - reliability across every member of our Consulting Team
  • Excellence - excellence in Delivering Real Value to our Customers
We believe our customers are our most valuable asset and place them first. We are in constant customer advocacy and in continuous value co-creation.
We firmly believe that our success solely depends on customer satisfaction with what we deliver. We constantly strive to strengthen our relationships with our customers for long lasting partnerships.


What makes us different?

Are distinctive competencies and competitive advantage allows us to meet our goal in being your one-stop solution for all of your BI requirements.
MISSION STATEMENT: B.I. Minds, Inc. offers in accordance with PMBOK best practice, holistic Business Intelligence Solutions or Support. We provide "Cradle to Grave" Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse development under a proprietary "lean" SDLC, Oracle training and certifications, change management and service(s) maintenance. We are a specialized independent advisory firm specializing in all aspects of cutting edge Business Intelligence best practices. We offer a wide range of high-value industry subject matter expertise in both business and technical services, providing our clients with the strategic tools needed to succeed in the "flattening" business arena. B.I. Minds, Inc. has broad expertise and innovation to quickly identify your business Measurable Organizational Values. We identify and design an architecture for seamless data integration to allow on-demand business and technical communication. Most importantly, we assist in designing flexible and adaptable "change management" governance policies by assisting in identifying tactically targeted and aligned business Key Performance Indicators for a company omnipresent cross-functional data transparency. B.I. Minds, Inc. focuses on serving both commercial and public small to large size organizations. We have the resources to find the most “fit” suppliers, clients, partners, products and services and we have the experience and social network strength to find the high quality yet lowest-price support. B.I. Minds, Inc. provides its clients with a clear understanding of our capabilities and a proven path to how we will co-create value and mutually achieve business goals. Note that the B.I. Minds, Inc. pricing structure is set to produce significant profits to B.I. Minds, Inc. only when the client derives compounded financial benefits (ROI). To summarize, we ARE the leading provider of Business Intelligence advisory-consulting services, providing the most comprehensive and real-time cutting edge end-to-end support in the industry today. Our past Oracle development subject matter expertise and experience enables us to work with our customer extended team to derive the maximum value from Oracle BI as quickly and as effectively as possible. From implementation support to adoption management, our organization honor's and is dedicated to our customers’ success.