We at B.I. Minds, Inc. are always in a kaizen mode for our customers, perpetually observing for business process automation, improvements, or re-engineering needs. We will make every effort to provide implementations at the lowest price point/cost and in the shortest time-box. As a part of this core attribute, we are working on some product accelerators. One of the accelerators is an SFDC Adapter.
A few highlights of our SFDC Adapter:
  • Our simple "Custom" solution integrates-extracts data from SalesForce.com with Oracle Sales Analytics, therefore allowing cross-functional "intelligent" analysis between Sales data in SalesForce.com and Financial data from the ERP.
  • This solution enables a user to strategically extract "critical" sales data from SalesForce.com and load it into the Oracle Business Analytics Data Warehouse.
  • A solution that provides a 360 degree analysis from Lead Generation-to-Cash processes.
  • Our customer can modify and automate the process flow that extracts data from SalesForce and can easily plug it into Oracle's ETL processes.
  • Conformed with BI Apps data model.
For more details we can be reached at: info@biminds.com
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