Business Intelligence ADVISORY | CONSULTING:
We are a leading provider of BI services, providing the most comprehensive end-to-end support in the industry today. Our expertise complements Oracle BI solutions to help customers derive value as quickly and as effectively as possible. From implementation support to adoption management, our organization is dedicated to customer success.
We provide a comprehensive approach to helping customers anticipate and identify the challenges of developing and maintaining an enterprise-wide BI strategy. We follow our holistic BIM Implementation Methodology with pre-defined deliverables to enhance BI performance and align customers with vendor-recommended approaches.
All of our solutions and service practices leverage BI Minds single, unified engagement and services delivery model, integrating recommended approaches and predictable processes to drive better outcomes across the entire BI solution life-cycle.
BI Minds offers a flexible range of consulting services for Oracle BI, including:
  • Onshore / Offshore / Onshore Remote Models.
  • Staff Augmentation Services.
  • Rapid Proof of Concept via Implementation Starter Packages.
  • Oracle BI Applications implementation, extension, customization, and enhancement to meet your specific needs.
  • This extends to implementation of BI Applications against non-certified versions and sources, including Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.8 and 11.5.9, PeopleSoft Enterprise 8.0 and 8.4, and many others.
  • Upgrades of existing Oracle BI Platform & BI Applications.
  • Advice regarding how to establish BI as a core competency in your company, how to best protect and further leverage your BI investments, and more...
Adoption and Transition Services:
At B.I. Minds, all of our consultants are dedicated to ensuring that once we are finished with our projects, our customers are able to fully adopt the project solutions and accompanying processes. Customers will receive guidance from our highly skilled subject-matter experts, who leverage our vast technical resources and the shared experiences of our customers to maximize and sustain optimal and continuous process improvement.
Fixed Fee Starter Packages:
B.I. Minds provides "fixed-fee" implementation services for configuring and deploying standard BI solutions using a prescribed implementation approach that reduces time, cost, and complexity which ensures our deployments achieve maximum "speed to value."
Custom Solutions:
B.I. Minds delivers custom BI solutions per each customer's requirements by leveraging the breadth of knowledge, deep customer implementation experience, and expertise of our BI subject matter experts.
Upgrade Services:
B.I. Minds provides direct and continuous support for upgrading BI solutions. Our dedicated technical team of experts focuses solely on providing efficient upgrades using a proven methodology that generates the most predictable, practical, and rapid results. This allows customers to consistently leverage the latest BI functionality while minimizing disruption and optimizing the use of their own IT resources.