B.I. Minds provides professional services to solve common technology challenges. Customers are frequently faced with significant event-driven needs above and beyond basic maintenance. Whether that challenge occurs once a month or once a lifetime, B.I. Minds with high confidence has probably already faced it and has a proven strategy and solution to address it. We enable customers to fully leverage the most sophisticated and powerful BI solutions available today, while freeing their own IT departments to focus on their core business funtions.
We provide direct, continuous, proactive support for day-to-day operations. This application support model is designed for customers who either find themselves in need of application assistance or who do not wish to maintain a large, multi-specialty application staff.
We are committed to delivering predictable, reliable and responsive service. We offer an unmatched service and support processes to enable an optimal customer experience. The service model combines on-site consultation, dedicated BI and EPM consultants, and tracking and support tools.
We are proud of our support for critical issues. Our support teams feature well trained support analysts, technical team leaders, and operations leaders that provide fast and reliable solutions to high-impact customer requests.
B.I. Minds, Inc. offers an extensive range of BI support service offerings. You can leverage our specialist's in-depth knowledge of Oracle BI & EPM solutions through a selection of premier support offerings.
Our Support services provide customers with superior performance, security, reliability, and scalability with all at a cost-deterring initial financial commitment. Organizations subscribe to these capabilities through our Service Level Agreements (SLAs). A flexible choice of support offerings are available to meet varying customer needs.
Platinum Support
Our team provides elite-level services to drive continuous improvement and maximize the value from your investment. Platinum clients can be eligible for scheduled periodic on-site visits. This service provides peerless monitoring, support, defect resolution, and ongoing development on a fixed fee basis.
Gold Support
Our team provides remote support for ongoing development, monitoring, defect resolution, and maintaining day to day running of an existing BI and Data Warehouse system on a fixed fee basis.
Silver Support
Our team helps by answering your BI development team's ad-hoc questions by providing remote support in resolving issues with on-going development and/or maintenance. This SLA provides ad-hoc and on-demand support services on a variable fee basis.
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